Many people are concerned that if they start using incontinence products, such as nappies and pads, that their incontinence problem will become visible for everyone. They are afraid of embarrassment and are not sure how to be discreet as they treat this problem.

There are somethings that you can do to hide your bladder control issues from everyone else, though. We want to share a few tips that should help you deal with incontinence without anyone being the wiser. Websites you can check out for this information

Use Discreet Predicts

Not all incontinence products are meant to be discreet and easily concealed. Some of them are naturally bulky, and you need to know your limitations and your needs so that you can opt for smaller, more discreet products. These may not give you as much absorbency as something that is bigger and bulkier, but they could work fairly well for most people. You can also make sure that the products you use don’t require a lot of packaging or special usage. You want something you can slip on and off without taking a lot of time, making a lot of noise in a public bathroom or drawing attention to yourself.

Use Discreet Means to Carry the Products

You can also be discreet in how you carry your incontinence products around. If you keep them in bag or a box near your work area or in your home, then people may start to notice that you take that bag with you every time you go to the bathroom. They may be able to put two and two together and figure out that you are dealing with incontinence. The same things apply to if you have to access a box every time you need an adult nappy.

Instead, try to go with a product that you can stick in your pocket or handbag. Use something discreet and use it in a discreet manner. Before you leave the house, put it in your pocket or handbag and don’t take it out again until you are in the bathroom and changing from one product to another. That way, you can tell people about your problem on our own terms and not make it public knowledge.

Use the Right Kind of Clothing

If you wear tight, revealing or close-fitting clothing,then it may be very difficult to hide the fact that you are wearing an adult nappy underneath. You have to be aware about what your clothes are revealing to people, and you can make sure that you wear clothes that are conducive to discretion. Wearing loose, baggy or long clothes can make a huge difference in how obvious your incontinence products are. You can also wear coats, long sweaters and other items when you are out and about and wearing formfitting clothes with an adult nappy underneath.

You want pants that go above your waistline to hide the incontinence product and a shirt that is able to be tucked in. If your clothes are constantly baring some skin, then your incontinence products may reveal themselves, and you have to be aware of what your clothes are doing and how they interact with the incontinence products.

These are just a few tips, and we hope they help you to remain incognito with your incontinence. You may have some suggestions of your own that you want to share with other people, but whatever the case may be, we hope that you get some use out of these methods and are able to be more discreet when living with a weak bladder.